Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017


# 94: Ratteknaeghen "Heerschappij Van Weinigen" Tape
a handful of delays on this, but now we have all the files ready
crackling and depressing dutch HNW
only the 2nd release by this project
33 copies on black C50s

#96: i AM esper "The Mending" Tape
first full-length after the project's long hiatus
going back to his roots with guitar driven drone/dark ambient
red tapes in red cases with artwork on heavy paper
30 copies on C60s

#97: Bullshit Market / Bruising Pattern / Cult Of Pythagoras Tape
finest midwest power electronics X austrian noise inferno X chicago experimentalism
all on recycled C60 tapes, probably one-sided

#101: Exedo / Koobaatoo Asparagus / XXX / XXX 2xC60 4-Way Tape
massive 4-way split stretching over two C60 tapes
Exedo is the harsh noise project of the infamous EMERGE
Koobaatoo Asparagus brings us the absolute best of californian harsh noise
two spots still in the works

#102: Light Collapse Tape
do i even need to introduce this project? massive HNW from siberia
50 minutes of brand new material in the project's signature sound
25 copies on white C50

#103: Court Martialed "Administrative Organ Manual" Tape
personally, i don't even know how to describe this but i'll give it a try anyway
power electronics meet cybergrindcore meet breakcore meet ritualistic avantgardism
26 copies on pink tapes in yellow cases, more colors than your average rainbow

#104: Moloch Tape
this amazing one-man project is finally making its debut on FIVR
ukrainian black metal with heavy dark ambient influences

Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016

+++ 2K16 RE-CAP +++

well another year has come and gone and it has been extremely productive for this little label here.
i had the chance to work with a lot of great projects for the first time as well as tightening old connections from all over the world

a million thanks to everyone who kept supporting me and to everyone who just discovered this label and decided to throw a few bucks my way.

as usual, all these releases are up for free download on my bandcamp. some of them are still available but in last copies so be fast if you want to stock on some FIVR items!

next year will see some more amazing tape releases, the UPCOMING RELEASES SECTION will be updated shortly!

thank you and take care
-yours truly

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

+++ LAST TAPE FOR 2016 +++

Fall Into Void Recs 100

The Fall Into Void Recs All-Star Orchestra 2K16 Christmas Extravaganza Tape
27 artists go head to head on 35 tracks over 90mins
a heavy mixture of harsh noise, HNW, grindcore, dark ambient and other genres
christmas wrapping paper for covers with hand-written inlays housed in a gift bag

Free with all orders, trades and artist packs at least throughout dec & parts of jan
first few copies dubbed onto recycled tapes from russia
download & listen on bandcamp
more info on discogs


See Through Buildings (californian noise god)
Svartvit (harsh noise violence, the netherlands)
Feuersalamander auf Marzipan (austrian harsh noise madness)
Platemaker (circuit bent insanity treats, UK)
She Destroys Hope (german HNW master)
B.P (piercing canadian power electronics)
Boar (cut up glitch noise, the very best in the game, Iowa)
Spaghetti Blacc (cybernoisebreakcore)
Progeria Buffet (pumpkin seed oil drenched deathgrind, austria)
Agamenon Project (harsh one-man grindcore, brazil)
AxIx (midwest one-man DIY noisecore)
Emerge (dark ambient paranoia, germany)
Bulerator (ukrainian grindcore mainiac duo)
SBFH. (depression drone, austria)
i AM esper (prolific guitar dark ambient project, NJ)
Obozdur / Vitaly Maklakov (sibirian harsh noise)
ruiner. (suicide HNW from california)
N0123NOISE (depressive dark ambient, texas)
Kearne (chaos drone, MI)
Piotr Cisak & Pawel Oleksinski (polish masters of drone)
Robert Bekic (hollow drone, croatia/germany)
Sound_00 & Lefterna (field recordings, macedonia)
Saturn Form Essence (space drone noise, ukraine)
Maläd (noisecore freak duo from Kyiv)
Indoctrinate (finest HC-crust from austria)
Anti Social Behavior Order (UK two-piece grindcore, RIP)
Se Mustard Terrorists (dadanoisepunx, austria)
Valve (noisey doom/sludge, paris)

Samstag, 26. November 2016

+++ 2ND TO LAST TAPE FOR 2016 +++

Fall Into Void Recs 99

Eugene Critchley "Nihilistic Disorientation" Tape
hollow and extremely depressive drone wall
must be listened to on good headphones!!
30 copies on white C60s
4€ + shipping

as usual available by mailing me at:
listen + download on bandcamp
also available on discogs

this is the last tape before the triple digits!
Fall Into Void Recs 100 coming next week!

Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

+++ FINAL 3'' CD-R OF 2016 +++

Fall Into Void Recs 98

Feuersalamander Auf Marzipan "Alltagsgeschichte"
crushing and devastating harsh noise
debut release by this amazing project
10 copies for now
2€ + shipping

these can be bought by emailing me at:
also available for download on bandcamp

Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Fall Into Void Recs 93


Fall Into Void Recs 93

Anti Social Behaviour Order Discography Tape
UK's fasted and deadest two-piece grindcore
all their tracks on a magnificent blue tape
blue cases & artwork on heavy paper
only 30 copies available
4€ + shipping

also available through discogs
listen & download on bandcamp

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Fall Into Void Recs 95

Fall Into Void Recs 95

Migraine / Nekromantik Stimulation Split Tape
finest italian bubble-gorenoise
deprived german goregrind
don't buy this if you don't like gorenoise
25 copies on piss-yellow tapes
4€ + shipping

as usual these can be bought through discogs
or by mailing me at:
you can already listen to the album on bandcamp

Anti Social Behavior Order Discography Tape out on Oct. 31st