Upcoming Releases

#104: Moloch Tape
this amazing one-man project is finally making its debut on FIVR
ukrainian black metal with heavy dark ambient influences

#111: RedSK Live Tape
final live performance by this prolific, genre-bending Michigan project
25 copies on pink C10

#112: Moloch Tape
another massive release from this prolific project
bringing a heavy mixture of one-man black metal & nature bound dark ambient
20 copies on C40 tapes

#119: Rape-X "Live @KCNF 3" C12
abrasive power electronics from this notoriously brutal project
30 copies (brown tapes)

#126: HxSxRxIxTxMx Single Sided C42
heavy-hitting and blast beat driven french gorenoise
25 copies on red shells

#128: Blenorrhagical Spermatocystitis "10 Years Of Gore" Boxset
some of the nastiest gorenoise out there, special 10yr-anniversary double tape set
25 copies

#129: Kosmodron 2xC60
HNW from one of the genre's masters
co-released with the mighty Altar Of Waste
50 copies in total

#131: Geißt "Ectoplasmic Veiling" 2xC60
seattle-based wallcraft tuned to perfection
25 copies on clear shells in a double tape case

#133: Flood Tape
UK's finest and hardest HNW finally makes its debut on here
more info soon!!