Upcoming Releases

#104: Moloch Tape
this amazing one-man project is finally making its debut on FIVR
ukrainian black metal with heavy dark ambient influences

#106: Cocaine Breath C5
philly one man fastcore / mathcore
40 copies on C5 tapes, shortest tape release on FIVR so far

#111: RedSK Live Tape
final live performance by this prolific, genre-bending Michigan project
25 copies on pink C10

#112: Moloch Tape
another massive release from this prolific project
bringing a heavy mixture of one-man black metal & nature bound dark ambient
20 copies on C40 tapes

#113: LIMBS BIN / Bruising Pattern Split Tape
LIMBS BIN has the finest and craziest one-man hyperblastbeat noise core
Bruising Pattern brings harsh glitched noise
35 copies on yellow C10s

#114: Eugene Critchley "Something More Than This" 3'' CD-R
this project simply oozes with depression and despair
after a sold out tape release in winter i am very happy to have him return for a 2nd release
20mins of depression-inducing drone wall

#115: Lipcreem Tape
after taking part in the FIVR 101 4-way split with south african project is here for a solo tape
40mins of chaotic harsh noise obscurities
probably around 30 copies

#116: Phyllomedusa "The Mudgician" Tape
one of my favorite projects bringin its debut on FIVR and i could not be happier
4mins of absolutely disgusting harsh gorenoise
not for the weak minded!!
40 copies on green tapes

#117: Uitgeschakeld Tape
the dutch know about great wall craftsmanship
after having my eyes on this project for a while i am more than happy to annoucne his debut here
crackle fetishism and droning HNW, more info about this soon