Donnerstag, 28. April 2016


the weekend is still a few days ahead, let me help you kill some time with this:

FIV - NMBR 82: Vitaly Maklakov "Loops Pulsation And Drone" 3'' CD-R

crushing, layering, uncompromising ritual noise from siberia! distorted field recordings meet pulsating sonic obscurities. vitaly maklakov is known for his extensive works, both as an artist through his aliases KROMESHNA, OBOZDUR and LIGHT COLLAPSE, as well as his works on three different labels (ostroga, torga-amun, heart shaped box prod.)

here you will find a 21min long track taking you into the deep secrets of the siberian ural area, giving you nothing but pure and unfiltered harshness. like all other 3'' CD-R releases on this label, this is limited to 10 copies only! 2€ + shipping. LAST COPY AVAILABLE!!!

next new release will be unleashed this weekend!! keep your eyes open, it's going to be a big one!!

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