Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015


well friends, the new year is right around the corner, and we are about to end 2015 in terms of releases with a big one:

FIV - NMBR 75: KEARNE "Of Pain And Pleasure" C-40

coming straight out of the american midwest, KEARNE brings you bleak chaos drones mixed with field recordings. only the second full length by this amazing project and wonderfully nice human being! we all have been waiting patiently for this to be available and now it is finally out and up for orders.

limited to 30 clear tapes in clear cases with b/w artwork on heavy carton paper.
this beast can be yours for only 4€ + shipping.
if you are not persuaded enough, you can also listen to the whole album on youtube.

if you want to order a copy, email me at fallintovoidrecs @ gmail . com and i will get back to you with an exact quote ASAP!


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