Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015


well friends, with 2015 in it's final hours it's time to recap on the year and what has happened:

this year was a blast for me. i had the chance to release some of my favorite projects and this year also saw the birth of some AMAZING releases on vinyl. 2015 saw the birth of 9 releases on this label and i could not be happier with them.

i would also like to send out the biggest "thank you" i can to each- and everyone who has supported this label throughout this year. i have gotten so many orders in december i think for the first time ever i've made a profit with this label!! thank you everyone who has ordered a release, wanted to trade with me or submitted some fantastic material - i could not be happier with how this year went!

now, what's going to happen in 2016? i already have some exciting plans. the first few releases are already planned and scheduled, artworks & info will be posted here. there will be cool tapes and some amazing vinyl for sure.

i hope you all have a great new year. thank you very much for your support on keeping this alive. stay tuned for some cool releases next year!

love always
-yours truly

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