Montag, 4. Januar 2016

welcome to 2k16

yeah friends, i hope you have all survived the new year's celebrations!!
now let's get back to business:

last year i've announced that i'll be working with some stuff i have not released in a few years.
now the time has come to uncover what i meant: 2016 will finally see some awesome 3'' CD-R releases on this label.

i already have some really fun releases planned for you, they will all be very limited to 10 - 20 copies. there will be some 3'' CD-R releases in the first few months of this year before i return to tapes (and maybe vinyl) in spring.

artworks will be posted here, i already have two releases ready to go, just waiting on blank CDs. the first one should be out sometime this month, the second will follow in early/mid FEB.

sidenote: these are not the actual CDs i will be using, it just seemed like a good stock photo!

much love to all of you and keep your eyes peeled for updates here!

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