Freitag, 2. August 2013

August Post

so people, there has been a lot of trouble with this german/russian ambient band called Noldor.

the Alien Love / Noldor split will now become a simple Alien Love release, due to a lot of hate coming from the person behind Noldor and the stories of him ripping artists off are making me sick and there seem to be more and more each day.

i also advise you NOT to support this project, he has been spreading hate-mail, death threats and nazi shit for quite some time, and i am not willing to support this and neither should you.

now for some good news, there are 2 new releases which covers i'll be printing today:

FIV - NMBR 33: i AM esper "Loss and Longing: The Process of Hope"

i'll be doing the promo version of his newest recordings, highly limited to 10 copies so be fast to grab one!!!!

FIV - NMBR 37: struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Catalyst"

a very noisey, lo-fi recording i made in july, out on floppy disc, only 5 copies will be made!!!

more releases are about to follow!

if you want to order something send me an email to