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this label has been started in late 2011 to support music i like. when i started this label i was still living at my parent's home in graz (southern austria) but in the fall of 2012 i moved to vienna. this has always been and will always be a one-man operation (although i get help from friends too) which means that i sometimes have more time for this and sometimes less.

in the past years i have had the chance to release many genres i personally enjoy, ranging from drone, harsh noise, grindcore, noisecore or field recordings.

i started out releasing both CDs and Tapes but have switched to mostly tapes now with occasional releases on vinyl and 3'' CD-R. if you have any questions don't hesitate to mail me - fallintovoidrecs@gmail,com


if you want to order a release, feel free to contact me by writing me an e-mail fallintovoidrecs@gmail,com or contact me on facebook here.
i will try to have your order shipped out as soon as i get your payment (usually on the same or next day).

you can also order through discogs, click here for more info.


i'm always interested in trades, but please understand that i don't always have the financial means to trade. i also have to turn down trades from time to time. it's nothing personal, but sometimes i just don't find a release i'd be interested.

if you want to trade, it's the same procedure as ordering: feel free to contact me through e-mail or facebook.

trades inside of europe are mostly shipped without a tracking number, however if you want a number please let me know.




i ship worldwide!! i don't care if you live in a hut in the middle of siberia or in the desert somewhere in africa - if you want some releases - they will get to you!

it may occur that i am low on money so your release/pack/trade might take a while. but believe me: i am always trying to keep the waiting as short as possible. in case you have to wait for a long time. i usually include 1-2 extra releases for free for your waiting

i am not responsible in case your pack gets lost in the mail. in europe i usually send without tracking code, except for some countries. if you want a tracking code just let me know.

i always throw in flyers/stickers ect. i get from other labels to keep the promotion alive.

as always - thank you so much for all of your support and trust since i started this label back in fall 2011. it means so much to me and keeps my dream alive. THANK YOU!