Dienstag, 20. August 2019

+++ MOVING ON +++

as you can probably tell this page is no longer in use. it just seems to yield better results posting on different outlets, rather than this one. therefor this page will serve as more of an archive of past activities & releases rather than a source for news.

please feel free to follow me through the platforms posted below. they are being updated on a regular basis, so it's best to go there for new arrivals and info

most releases are up for free download on Bandcamp and i would encourage everyone to take advantage of it. please do not pay to download something, maybe get a tape instead if you'd like to support this label directly.

other than that, this will most likely be the last post on this page. feel free to scroll through countless of updates that are no longer relevant or just take a stroll down memory lane by flipping though some old things. the page will stay online, but will no longer be updated.

before getting too sentimental, here is a list of releases that are currently in the works. check the links above to stay in the loop. please don't contact me with submissions, i am fully planned out. i will approach you in case i'd like to make a release happen

# 138: Body Stress C30 (SEPT / OCT)
#141: Joli / Bruising Pattern 2xC30 Collabo (AUG)
#142: Asleep In The Lake Double Tape (AUTUMN)
#143: Condo Horro Triple Tape Box Set (AUTUMN)
+ 1 or 2 more releases

thank you
onwards and upwards