Montag, 19. September 2016


#93: Anti Social Behavior Order Discography Tape
UK's fastest & deadest grindcore duo
all their tracks on a magnificent blue tape
last release by these guys!!!

#94: Ratteknaegen "Heerschappij Van Weinigen" Tape
masterful and desolate dutch HNW
aggressive, devastating and depressive
45mins of unreleased material!

#95: Necromantik Stimulation / Migraine Split Tape
deprived german goregrind fetishism vs
 finest italian bubble-gorenoise
25mins of total material
piss yellow tapes for this atrocity

#96: i AM esper Full Length Tape
legendary drone/dark ambient project from the states
first full length in 1,5yrs
more info soon!

secret tape release to celebrate the 100th release on here
!!out on dec. 1st!!

for more updates please visit my facebook page
also i will be back to uploading new albums on bandcamp soon

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

+++ NEW TAPE +++

Fall Into Void Recs 88
Agamenon Project "Sounds Of Disaster"
blasting & furious one-man grindcore
brand new material by this amazing project from brazil
ltd. to 20 copies on pink tapes
listen & download on bandcamp

Mittwoch, 7. September 2016

ruiner. "Simpsons In Heck" Tape

let's get depressive everyone:

Fall Into Void Recs 85
ruiner. "Simpsons In Heck"
depressive drone from california
sounds to commit suicide to
14 hand-numbered copies on clear tapes
4€ + shipping
listen & download on bandcamp

Donnerstag, 1. September 2016


2K16 summer batch in full force:

Fall Into Void Recs 84
Emerge / NYM & DON VOMP Live Split Tape
haunting, paranoid field recordings
bleak / depressing dark ambient
35 copies on white C60
listen & download on bandcamp
4€ + shipping

Fall Into Void Recs 86
See Through Buildings "There Used To Be Water Here..."
100 minutes of crushing, layering HNW split in 2 tracks
15 copies on yellow C100
listen & download here

Fall Into Void Recs 87
Naturopatya C60
field recordings & dark ambient from siberia
analogue tape recordings & sound processing
25 copies on smoke-clear C60
listen & download on bandcamp
4€ + shipping