Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016

+++ 2K16 RE-CAP +++

well another year has come and gone and it has been extremely productive for this little label here.
i had the chance to work with a lot of great projects for the first time as well as tightening old connections from all over the world

a million thanks to everyone who kept supporting me and to everyone who just discovered this label and decided to throw a few bucks my way.

as usual, all these releases are up for free download on my bandcamp. some of them are still available but in last copies so be fast if you want to stock on some FIVR items!

next year will see some more amazing tape releases, the UPCOMING RELEASES SECTION will be updated shortly!

thank you and take care
-yours truly

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

+++ LAST TAPE FOR 2016 +++

Fall Into Void Recs 100

The Fall Into Void Recs All-Star Orchestra 2K16 Christmas Extravaganza Tape
27 artists go head to head on 35 tracks over 90mins
a heavy mixture of harsh noise, HNW, grindcore, dark ambient and other genres
christmas wrapping paper for covers with hand-written inlays housed in a gift bag

Free with all orders, trades and artist packs at least throughout dec & parts of jan
first few copies dubbed onto recycled tapes from russia
download & listen on bandcamp
more info on discogs


See Through Buildings (californian noise god)
Svartvit (harsh noise violence, the netherlands)
Feuersalamander auf Marzipan (austrian harsh noise madness)
Platemaker (circuit bent insanity treats, UK)
She Destroys Hope (german HNW master)
B.P (piercing canadian power electronics)
Boar (cut up glitch noise, the very best in the game, Iowa)
Spaghetti Blacc (cybernoisebreakcore)
Progeria Buffet (pumpkin seed oil drenched deathgrind, austria)
Agamenon Project (harsh one-man grindcore, brazil)
AxIx (midwest one-man DIY noisecore)
Emerge (dark ambient paranoia, germany)
Bulerator (ukrainian grindcore mainiac duo)
SBFH. (depression drone, austria)
i AM esper (prolific guitar dark ambient project, NJ)
Obozdur / Vitaly Maklakov (sibirian harsh noise)
ruiner. (suicide HNW from california)
N0123NOISE (depressive dark ambient, texas)
Kearne (chaos drone, MI)
Piotr Cisak & Pawel Oleksinski (polish masters of drone)
Robert Bekic (hollow drone, croatia/germany)
Sound_00 & Lefterna (field recordings, macedonia)
Saturn Form Essence (space drone noise, ukraine)
Maläd (noisecore freak duo from Kyiv)
Indoctrinate (finest HC-crust from austria)
Anti Social Behavior Order (UK two-piece grindcore, RIP)
Se Mustard Terrorists (dadanoisepunx, austria)
Valve (noisey doom/sludge, paris)

Samstag, 26. November 2016

+++ 2ND TO LAST TAPE FOR 2016 +++

Fall Into Void Recs 99

Eugene Critchley "Nihilistic Disorientation" Tape
hollow and extremely depressive drone wall
must be listened to on good headphones!!
30 copies on white C60s
4€ + shipping

as usual available by mailing me at:
listen + download on bandcamp
also available on discogs

this is the last tape before the triple digits!
Fall Into Void Recs 100 coming next week!

Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

+++ FINAL 3'' CD-R OF 2016 +++

Fall Into Void Recs 98

Feuersalamander Auf Marzipan "Alltagsgeschichte"
crushing and devastating harsh noise
debut release by this amazing project
10 copies for now
2€ + shipping

these can be bought by emailing me at:
also available for download on bandcamp

Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Fall Into Void Recs 93


Fall Into Void Recs 93

Anti Social Behaviour Order Discography Tape
UK's fasted and deadest two-piece grindcore
all their tracks on a magnificent blue tape
blue cases & artwork on heavy paper
only 30 copies available
4€ + shipping

also available through discogs
listen & download on bandcamp

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Fall Into Void Recs 95

Fall Into Void Recs 95

Migraine / Nekromantik Stimulation Split Tape
finest italian bubble-gorenoise
deprived german goregrind
don't buy this if you don't like gorenoise
25 copies on piss-yellow tapes
4€ + shipping

as usual these can be bought through discogs
or by mailing me at:
you can already listen to the album on bandcamp

Anti Social Behavior Order Discography Tape out on Oct. 31st

Montag, 19. September 2016


#93: Anti Social Behavior Order Discography Tape
UK's fastest & deadest grindcore duo
all their tracks on a magnificent blue tape
last release by these guys!!!

#94: Ratteknaegen "Heerschappij Van Weinigen" Tape
masterful and desolate dutch HNW
aggressive, devastating and depressive
45mins of unreleased material!

#95: Necromantik Stimulation / Migraine Split Tape
deprived german goregrind fetishism vs
 finest italian bubble-gorenoise
25mins of total material
piss yellow tapes for this atrocity

#96: i AM esper Full Length Tape
legendary drone/dark ambient project from the states
first full length in 1,5yrs
more info soon!

secret tape release to celebrate the 100th release on here
!!out on dec. 1st!!

for more updates please visit my facebook page
also i will be back to uploading new albums on bandcamp soon

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

+++ NEW TAPE +++

Fall Into Void Recs 88
Agamenon Project "Sounds Of Disaster"
blasting & furious one-man grindcore
brand new material by this amazing project from brazil
ltd. to 20 copies on pink tapes
listen & download on bandcamp

Mittwoch, 7. September 2016

ruiner. "Simpsons In Heck" Tape

let's get depressive everyone:

Fall Into Void Recs 85
ruiner. "Simpsons In Heck"
depressive drone from california
sounds to commit suicide to
14 hand-numbered copies on clear tapes
4€ + shipping
listen & download on bandcamp

Donnerstag, 1. September 2016


2K16 summer batch in full force:

Fall Into Void Recs 84
Emerge / NYM & DON VOMP Live Split Tape
haunting, paranoid field recordings
bleak / depressing dark ambient
35 copies on white C60
listen & download on bandcamp
4€ + shipping

Fall Into Void Recs 86
See Through Buildings "There Used To Be Water Here..."
100 minutes of crushing, layering HNW split in 2 tracks
15 copies on yellow C100
listen & download here

Fall Into Void Recs 87
Naturopatya C60
field recordings & dark ambient from siberia
analogue tape recordings & sound processing
25 copies on smoke-clear C60
listen & download on bandcamp
4€ + shipping

Freitag, 12. August 2016

+++ 3 NEW RELEASES +++

we got ourselves some fun new things here to kill some time until the ordered blank tapes arrive

(left to right)

#91: 558701 "12393572" CDr
polish lo-fi diy cyber noise, sounds just as crazy as you think
planned to be released on floppy disc, but my drive died
listen & download on bandcamp.

#85: ruiner. "Simpsons in Heck" 3'' CD-R
experimental drone/noise from california
25mins of heavy and depressing material
bumped up to 14 copies due to popular demand
2€ + shipping
listen & download on bandcamp.

#92: Pestilential Coffin "Out Of The Coffin..." 3'' CD-R
creeping ambient synth sounds mixed with strange vocals
sounds from beyond the grave
limited to 10 copies
2€ + shipping
listen & download on bandcamp.

Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

+++ NEW TAPE +++

FIV - NMBR 89: MALÄD "99 Track EP"

Fast & heavy hitting noisecore from the ukraine.
99 tracks in less than 10mins, no fucking around

Ltd. to 35 copies on red tapes
5 of each color will be made
4€ + shipping

listen & download on bandcamp.

Montag, 25. Juli 2016


heat wave has been crushing me so far, no reason to slow down.
here's what to expect

# 81: Phyllomedusa Tape (Green)
sludge/gorenoise/HNW. a slimy offering to the gods of the amphibian hive! unleashed in late summer

#84: EMERGE / Nym & Don Vomp Live Split Tape (White)
field recordings & dark ambient, live cuts from their latest tour. EARLY AUGUST

#85: ruiner. "Simpsons In Heck" 3'' CD-R
harshest noise with a strange theme, something to get into! late summer. SOLD OUT FROM MY SIDE DUE TO PRE-ORDERS!!

#86: See Through Buildings C100 (Yellow)
two massive walls, straight from the californian god of noise! EARLY AUGUST

#87: Naturopathy "Cloud Pillars" C60 (Black)
analogue tape recordings and sound processing from siberia. EARLY AUGUST

#88: Agamenon Project C10 / C20 (Pink)
brazlian one-man grindcore. first 10 copies feature extra unreleased tracks on the b-side. late summer

#89: Maläd "99 Track EP" (Red)
ukranian noisecore, 99 tracks in 9mins, no fooling around on this one. LATE JULY/EARLY AUGUST

#90: She Destroys Hope "Toilet Room Sessions" Tape (White)
cut-up radio harsh noise on side a, ANW/HNW on side b, one of germany's finest! ALREADY RELEASED! 4€ + shipping, listen & download on bandcamp.

#91: 558701 Floppy Disc
cybergorenoise project making it's debut on here, lo-fi as fuck while still heavy LATE JULY

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016


FIV - NMBR 90: She Destroys Hope "Toilet Room Sessions" White C40

Harsh Noise / HNW from this amazing german project.
Side A: various old recordings pierced together
Side B: same source material, reversed and reworked

35 copies on hand-numbered white tapes
4€ + shipping

listen & download it on bandcamp.

Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016


i will be finishing college in about one month.
after that i'm going to jump headfirst into these:

# 81: Phyllomedusa Green Tape

one of the state's most disturbing projects. around for quite some time now, phyllomedusa plays a harsh mix between noise, sludge and gorenoise. amphibian occult centered madness on beautiful green tapes!

# 84: Emerge & NYM / DON VOMP White C60 Tape

hard drone & rhythmic field recordings attack on both sides of an insanely depressing C60. white tapes, white cases, black artwork.

# 85: ruiner. 3`` CD-R

simpsons themed harsh noise. featuring members of monological terrorist and moist pony. only 10 copies will be made so act fast!!

# 86: See Through Buildings Yellow C100 Tape

california's most ear-shredding project. already did an insane C60 for STB last fall and the reception was amazing. two massive (and i mean MASSIVE) walls of 50mins each on a mustard-yellow tape. how loud do you dare to play this beast?

# 87: Naturopathy Black C60 Tape

dark ambient from the ural region of siberia. analoge tape recordings inspired by the extracting and processing of sound. a concept album about the return to a life in harmony with nature. first ever release by this new project!!

# 88: Agamenon Project Pink C10 Tape

brazilian one man diy-grindcore. around since 2007, AxPx has made a name for himself through a high quality output of insane splits and ridiculously good albums! limited to only 10 copies on bright pink tapes

# 89: Maläd 99 Track EP, Red C10 Tape

maniacal grindcore duo from ukraine, terrorizing our ears with bass, drums and pitched vocals. 99 fast DIY tracks that clock in just below 9mins - you know what to expect! 35 copies on bright red tapes

# 90: She Destroys Hope "Toilet Sessions", White C50 Tape

SDH is known for his harsh style and amazing output! i already had the pleasure of releasing some of his works in 2013. on this new tape you can find the absolute worst: cut up snippets from old sessions on side a. the flipside brings you the same source material only reworked and distorted into oblivion to bring you the signature SDH style. 35 copies on white tapes


# 84: Emerge & NYM / DON VOMP White C60 Tape:

# 87: Naturopathy Black C60 Tape

# 90: She Destroys Hope "Toilet Sessions", White C50 Tape

more updates & covers coming soon!

Freitag, 27. Mai 2016


after all those years i finally made a big run of stickers!
free with orders, trades and all packs of artist copies.
if you want some without a release - hit me up!
also: big release update coming this weekend
the good times just keep on coming!

Freitag, 13. Mai 2016


it only came natural to release this beast on such a special date:

FIVR - NMBR 79: BOAR "What Lead To Extreme Consequences" Tape

crushing HNW meets spazzed out, cut up harsh noise!
the pedal-god of the american midwest makes his debut on this label with 30mins of absolute pain!
ltd. to 25 hand-numbered copies
black tapes, yellow cases, print on heavy yellow paper!

4€ + shipping

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016


FIVR - NMBR 83: Platemaker "Skip Brisket" 3'' CD-R

12min circuit bent harsh noise attack from the UK!
ltd. to 10 copies!
2€ + shipping

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016


after almost 5yrs of running this label i finally made a bandcamp page for my label!!

i've started uploading a few releases already, more will follow. i will probably upload a few albums per day/week, depending on how much time i have and how long it takes me to recover all the files needed!

you can download all releases for free, you can also donate some money, which is appreciated but not necessary. i will mostly use this to further spread the stuff i have put out!

Donnerstag, 28. April 2016


the weekend is still a few days ahead, let me help you kill some time with this:

FIV - NMBR 82: Vitaly Maklakov "Loops Pulsation And Drone" 3'' CD-R

crushing, layering, uncompromising ritual noise from siberia! distorted field recordings meet pulsating sonic obscurities. vitaly maklakov is known for his extensive works, both as an artist through his aliases KROMESHNA, OBOZDUR and LIGHT COLLAPSE, as well as his works on three different labels (ostroga, torga-amun, heart shaped box prod.)

here you will find a 21min long track taking you into the deep secrets of the siberian ural area, giving you nothing but pure and unfiltered harshness. like all other 3'' CD-R releases on this label, this is limited to 10 copies only! 2€ + shipping. LAST COPY AVAILABLE!!!

next new release will be unleashed this weekend!! keep your eyes open, it's going to be a big one!!

Freitag, 15. April 2016

+++ SALE +++

I'm turning 23 tomorrow and you bet your sweet asses that there's going to be a sale going on all weekend! more updates tomorrow!


check out these beauties:

no idea what they will be used for, 10 pink c-10s - money well spent!


-25% on your complete order - the more you get the more you save!
also as usual you can get some mystery packs:

3 mystery tapes - 9€
6 mystery tapes - 16€

-50% on all distro items
let me flood your mailboxes with extra shit! you know you want it!


Samstag, 9. April 2016


#71: Piotr Cisak & Pawel Oleksinski / Nadeshda Split Tape:
my copies have arrived and i could not be happier with them!! dark ambient heavyweights on both sides. blue tapes in blue shells, co-release with the always amazing EPILEPTIC MEDIA

#73: Struggling Beacons, Fading Headlights. / MWroblewski Split:
too many delays on this one, but it will be finally finished early next week when i have my week off. dark ambient form austria meets sound art/musique concrete from poland. 15 copies on CD

#79: Boar "What Lead To Extreme Consequences" Tape:
extreme cut-up harsh noise meets rumbling HNW. midwest pedal god and first release of this AMAZING project on this label. 25 black c-30s in yellow cases. artwork on heavy yellow paper, design by zach from N0123NOISE. out in late april/early may

#81: Phyllomedusa Tape:
frog centered HNW, what more could you ask for? if you know the project, you definitely know that you can expect nothing but the strangest and heaviest sounds! more updates around summer!

#82: Vitaly Maklakov "Loops, Pulsation and Drone" 3'' CD-R:
crushing, layering, uncompromising ritual noise right out of the cold heart of siberia! vitaly maklakov is the mastermind behind several highly acclaimed projects and labels. after the sold-out kromeshna tape on here, he is back with 21mins of pure haunting paranoia. out next week, 10 copies, be fast!

#83: Platemaker "Skip Brisket" 3'' CD-R:
UK-based circuit bent harsh noise violence - the good stuff. this one-man army makes his debut on this label with 12mins of total insanity. 10 copies, out in late april.

#71: Piotr Cisak & Pawel Oleksinski / Nadeshda Split Tape:

#73: Struggling Beacons, Fading Headlights. / MWroblewski Split:

#79: Boar "What Lead To Extreme Consequences" Tape:

#82: Vitaly Maklakov "Loops, Pulsation and Drone" 3'' CD-R:

#83: Platemaker "Skip Brisket" 3'' CD-R

now THAT'S an update for you all!
more pictures, artworks and infos coming soon!
for a complete list of upcoming releases, you can check in by clicking here (i update this regularly).

love always
-yours truly

Montag, 28. März 2016


in exactly one week this absolute beast of a split and first tape release of 2016 will be available from my side. on here you can find the bleak and depressing bland of dark ambient that PIOTR CISAK & PAWEL OLEKSINSKI have forged, along with the intense and deep sounds from NADESHDA on the flipside!


now only 3€ + shipping. comes with a free patch (100% diy-print).
if you already have one let me know and i'll send you some other cool stuff instead!
Mr. T pities the fool who passes on this!
more pics coming soon! 

Freitag, 25. März 2016

+++ NEXT 3'' CD-R RELEASE +++


time to party with some new announcement:

FIV - NMBR 81: Vitaly Maklakov "Loops, Pulsation and Drone"

Vitaly Maklakov is the siberian mastermind behind several projects (obozdur and kromeshna to name two) and is simultaneously running three amazing labels (OSTROGA, torga-amun, heart shaped box prod). for this release he exclusively recorded this track and it will bring you to your knees: 21mins of layered, pulsating and crushing ritual noise! don't pass on it, his material is amazing (you might know it from the KROMESHNA tape i did a few years ago).

like all other 3'' cd-r releases on this label, it is limited to only 10 copies. if you want a copy, i urge you to be fast and shoot me a mail at to get it! 2€ + shipping and this beauty is yours!

Sonntag, 13. März 2016


we are going to continue 2016 with this next insanity of a project: BOAR. here's some info on it:

-- released on tape
-- black tapes, yellow cases
-- limited to 25 copies in total
-- released late april/early may

also this is post #100 on here. we finally made it, can't wait to cash in some sweet sweet internet money!

Dienstag, 8. März 2016


this year has been highly productive, but we're just getting started:

FIV- NMBR 71: Piotr Cisak & Pawel Oleksinski / Nadeshda Split Tape

these heavyweights bring you the darkest of dark ambient! Piotr & Pawel had their collaborative works released by some amazing labels and their sounds are not for everyone: haunting ambient mixed with field recordings and drone, definitely something to check out! Nadeshda is the new project of a crazy austrian mastermind. making his debut on here, he brings us low pulsating drones and creeping distortions. Co-released with the always amazing EPILEPTIC MEDIA!! Out in early april!

Sonntag, 6. März 2016


wishing you all a happy sunday with this:

FIV - NMBR 80: B.P. "Insatiable Sexual Appetite" 3'' CD-R

harsh noise, cut-up samples, field recordings and power electronics all mashed together in this insanity of a release. B.P. is coming straight out of canada to bring you 22mins of distorted material. very happy to put out this debut on my label.

3'' CD-R limited to 10 copies, 2€.


Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016



yes friends, after some delays and busy times i'm finally back and you can get the first batch of new releases:

mind-numbing grindcore from two insane guys, straight from the ukraine. this has written DIY all over it!!! 18mins of insanely fun material, don't miss it! 10 copies / 2€

-- FIV - NMBR 77: Sound_00 & Lefterna "Collabo 9" 3'' CD-R
their collaborative works have been released by some amazing labels and now it is time for me to join this club!! darkest field recordings coming from eastern europe, try to collect all their collabo-releases, start with this one! 10 copies / 2€

-- FIV - NMBR 78: N0123NOISE "We Are All Hopeless" 3'' CD-R
after releasing a sold out tape on here, zach (one of the best guys in the DIY-scene) is back with this VERY depressing, 18-minute long journey. only one track, try to listen to it whole and try not to kill yourself during. 10 copies / 2€

(top to bottom)

ATTENTION: due to preorders i'm already down to the last copies of all of them! be fast if you want a copy, you know i'm not a fan of re-presses/re-releases!

ALSO: after so many years you can finally show your support for this label by not only shoving your collection down other peoples' throats, but also through your clothing!

patches will be included in orders & trades! only as long as supplies last!!

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016


+++ NEWS +++

sorry for being incredibly slow on updates, college work has kept me busy for the past few weeks, but now there're some news for you:

-- my CD drive broke, which is why i had to push the first batch of 3'' CD-R releases back a little bit. i will get a new CD drive this weekend and covers will be printed sometime next week. just to re-cap what will be available here very soon:

FIV - NMBR 76: Bulerator 3'' CD-R //diy-grindcore from the ukraine//
FIV - NMBR 77: Sound_00 + Lefterna 3'' CD-R //dark ambient, field recordings//
FIV - NMBR 78: N0123Noise "We Are All Hopeless" 3'' CD-R //dark ambient//

these will hopefully be out by the end of the month, more new releases are coming soon. first tape release of this year is also confirmed, but will remain a secret for now. watch out for more updates on this one soon!!

+++ PATCHES +++

yes, you've read this one right! after years of running this label, there will finally be patches available soon. they are for free with every order & trade (if you just want the patch you can also send me 1€ plus a few bucks for shipping). i should have them very soon, more updates on these soon, they should arrive in the next few weeks!!

thank you for your patience! more updates very soon!!!

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016


+++ heyo friends, hope you've all had a great holiday! i sure did! now let's get down to business+++

FIV - NMBR 76: Bulerator 3'' CD-R

crazy 2-man diy grindcore. grade A+ umpa-bumpa tracks that will make your foot tap until it falls off. 18mins of material, limitation still undecided. OUT IN LATE JAN!

FIV - NMBR 77: Sound_00 & Lefterna "Collab 9" 3'' CD-R

dark ambient & field recordings from eastern europe. their works have been released by great labels such as CVLMINIS or the mighty OSTROGA RECORDS from siberia and i am more than happy they have chosen me to put out their newest work. 22mins split into 4 tracks, limitation still undecided. OUT IN EARLY FEB

FIV - NMBR 78: N0123Noise "We Are All Hopeless" 3'' CD-R

one dark ambient track from this great project from texas. put it on good headphones and listen to it in a dark room - the way it's meant to be enjoyed! 18mins of new material (you can already have a listen here ). 13 copies, OUT EARLY / MID FEB!

Montag, 4. Januar 2016

welcome to 2k16

yeah friends, i hope you have all survived the new year's celebrations!!
now let's get back to business:

last year i've announced that i'll be working with some stuff i have not released in a few years.
now the time has come to uncover what i meant: 2016 will finally see some awesome 3'' CD-R releases on this label.

i already have some really fun releases planned for you, they will all be very limited to 10 - 20 copies. there will be some 3'' CD-R releases in the first few months of this year before i return to tapes (and maybe vinyl) in spring.

artworks will be posted here, i already have two releases ready to go, just waiting on blank CDs. the first one should be out sometime this month, the second will follow in early/mid FEB.

sidenote: these are not the actual CDs i will be using, it just seemed like a good stock photo!

much love to all of you and keep your eyes peeled for updates here!