Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

Fall Into Void Recs 101 is finally ready!!!

dear friends, after some delays i am more than happy to announce this magnificent 4-way split:

Fall Into Void Recs 101
Torturing Nurse / Lipcreem / EXEDO / Koobaatoo Asparagus Split
this double tape release features four artists from all over the world
Torturing Nurse is one of China's most prolific harsh noise exports
Lipcreem is based out of South Africa and offers some of the finest harsh noise know to me
EXEDO is the german-based harsh noise project of EMERGE, using recycled sound sources
Koobaatoo Asparagus is one of California's most hyperactive power electronics project

this split is limited to 25 copies and housed in a double tape box
9€ + shipping
as usual you can also get it on bandcamp & discogs

Montag, 12. Juni 2017

+++ NEW TAPE & COMP +++

Fall Into Void Recs 109
Mutilated Judge / Cx9 Split Tape
Mutilated Judge - Psychobassweedgrindcore from the Basque Country
Cx9 - disgusting gorenoise from uruguay
limited to 40 copies (20 with red covers, 20 with yellow ones)
4€ + shipping
also available through bandcamp & discogs

Also there will be a Halloween-Themed comp this fall:
check the submission rules below or on the facebook event

Tape Version:
- max. 3mins of unreleased material (multiple aliases welcome but please stay within 3mins of total playtime)
- halloween themed tracks / songtitles encouraged but not a must
- this version will be released on 30 orange C60 tapes. due to it being a comp i will unfortunately not be able to send out artist copies - for some genres it is easier to record material in a shorter time. so if it looks like one genre makes up most of the playtime i will move some tracks of it onto the digital version for some extra space (this is to respect artists / genres that might need a little extra time to provide their material)
- deadline for the tape version will be oct. 1st
- please send all tracks in WAV format to: (we.transfer preferred)
- release date will be oct. 7th 

Digital Version:
- max. 15mins of unreleased material (multiple aliases welcome) -
halloween themed tracks / songtitles encouraged but not a must
- the digital version will be uploaded to
- deadline for the digital version will be oct. 20th
- please send all tracks in WAV format to: (we.transfer preferred).
- the digital version will be updated periodically once material starts getting in