Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015


well friends, with 2015 in it's final hours it's time to recap on the year and what has happened:

this year was a blast for me. i had the chance to release some of my favorite projects and this year also saw the birth of some AMAZING releases on vinyl. 2015 saw the birth of 9 releases on this label and i could not be happier with them.

i would also like to send out the biggest "thank you" i can to each- and everyone who has supported this label throughout this year. i have gotten so many orders in december i think for the first time ever i've made a profit with this label!! thank you everyone who has ordered a release, wanted to trade with me or submitted some fantastic material - i could not be happier with how this year went!

now, what's going to happen in 2016? i already have some exciting plans. the first few releases are already planned and scheduled, artworks & info will be posted here. there will be cool tapes and some amazing vinyl for sure.

i hope you all have a great new year. thank you very much for your support on keeping this alive. stay tuned for some cool releases next year!

love always
-yours truly

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015


well friends, the new year is right around the corner, and we are about to end 2015 in terms of releases with a big one:

FIV - NMBR 75: KEARNE "Of Pain And Pleasure" C-40

coming straight out of the american midwest, KEARNE brings you bleak chaos drones mixed with field recordings. only the second full length by this amazing project and wonderfully nice human being! we all have been waiting patiently for this to be available and now it is finally out and up for orders.

limited to 30 clear tapes in clear cases with b/w artwork on heavy carton paper.
this beast can be yours for only 4€ + shipping.
if you are not persuaded enough, you can also listen to the whole album on youtube.

if you want to order a copy, email me at fallintovoidrecs @ gmail . com and i will get back to you with an exact quote ASAP!


Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

ONLINE SHOP (sort of)

after more than 4 years of being a label, there is finally some sort of shop online where you can buy my releases (distro will be added soon).

click HERE to check it out. goes directly to my seller's profile on discogs.
shipping on multiple items can be combined.
if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me

Freitag, 6. November 2015

Indoctrinate "Aftermaths" LP

earlier this week i finally got my hands on the Aftermaths LPs by Indoctrinate.
after several delays this beauty of a 12'' is now available from me:

copies in beautiful snow-white vinyl, be fast to grab your copy. they are 10€ each, you can also contact me for trades (only a few copies from me are for trading!!)
also, have a listen to the album here!!

Sonntag, 1. November 2015


i hope halloween wasn't too spooky for all of you.
i dressed up as me staying at home and dubbing tapes - good times!

now for that promised tape announcement:

FIV - NMBR 75: Kearne "Of Pain And Pleasure" Tape

wow, release #75 already, time flies. now to celebrate there's going to be copies of this soon. 40mins split into two extremely dark and depressive drone tracks. second full length of this one man project from detroit. apart from being a wonderfully nice human being, he can also bring distorted, chaotic sounds to life to haut you and your speakers until eternity.

30 smoke-clear tapes in transparent cases, out late nov / early dec. the more you buy from me the faster i will be able to put this beast of a tape to life.

good day & welcome to november

Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015


yeah people, we have all been waiting for this day for weeks and now it's finally here.
i have already mentioned it in some posts but today is the day that two new tapes will be released and two great projects will make their debut on this label:

FIV - NMBR 72: See Through Buildings "The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place"

this new and coming project has been characterized by both insane sounds and a crazy number of high quality releases in a short time.

on here you can find his debut on this label! 60mins of pure, ear-drum shattering harsh noise. if you are looking for nice melodies or pleasant sounds then this is not the release for you. 20 black tapes in white cases, full color artwork on heavy paper. 4€ / trades are cool too

FIV - NMBR 74: N0123NOISE "Wrothless"

this project is only one of the few outputs of this mastermind from texas. also known for running the very great and very dead No Lights Tonight Records.

expect two short but deep drone tracks, mixed with corrupted samples to bring you into a depressive state of mind and body. limited to only 10 blue tapes in yellow cases.

as usual, you can order or trade a copy by emailing me: fallintovoidrecs (at) gmail (dot) com


-- new vinyl tomorrow (we have all been waiting for this one!!)

-- new tape announcement tomorrow
-- more packs to be flooded with stickers and flyers
-- HNW christmas tapes for people who hate secret santa

Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

Halloween Tapes

yeah people, OCT. 31st is only a few days away, so here are the tapes that will be released on said date! i can hardly wait, hope you're excited as well:

FIV - NMBR 72: See Through Buildings "The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place"

you know what to expect. harsh noise, 60mins of it! characterized by his insane output and even crazier sounds, this new project's first release on this label is a big one! 2 tracks, 30mins each, you think you can handle it? give it a try, but be fast, as there will only be 20 tapes!

FIV - NMBR 74: N0123NOISE "Wrothless"

a short release from this one-man project from Texas, N0123NOISE takes us to dark places inside ourselves, depressing drones. this guy can bend genres like very few can, reaching from ear-piercing harsh noise, over ambient all the way to drone wall! 10 copies on blue c-10 tapes in yellow cases!

take a look at those beauties!!!

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

New things coming soon

it's been way to quiet over here, i know.
good news is, that i've finished a big paper for college so now i'm back on the release train!

this means that there's going to be 2 new tapes, both will be released on OCTOBER 31st

FIV - NMBR 72: See Through Buildings Tape

this new and coming harsh noise project from the US has been putting out a ton high-quality releases throughout this year. so it only came natural for me to ask him to contribute to this small label. 60mins of pure and crushing harsh noise. artwork coming very soon! check out his insane output on soundcloud!

FIV - NMBR 74: N0134Noise "Wrothless" Tape

oh yeah, 2 very dark tracks, bleak drones to wash over your body and leave you behind as an empty shell. 10 blue tapes in yellow cases! have a listen here

keep your eyes peeled, as there will be more vinyl coming VERY soon!

until then, love always
-yours truly

Donnerstag, 27. August 2015

New Tape Out Today

after way too many delays i'm very excited to finally give these to you:

Spaghetti Blacc "Welcom 2 Saigon Grillz" Tape

here you can find some of the most brutal avantgarde sounds of all times. hailing from new york this insane guy brings you sounds only a distorted mind could listen to! seriously i don't even have the words to describe this beast. try to imagine an industrial-sounding drum computer playing free jazz patters mixed with some harsh noise and piercing power electronics. in short - don't miss out on these!

20 copies on red c-30s with heavy paper print.
4€, message me for trades!

Sonntag, 9. August 2015


yeah friends i'm back, so here's a few things:

-- moving sale is over, thanks to everyone who's bought a release
-- this also means, that i'm done moving to my new place, orders and trades will be up very soon
-- still working on my final set-up at my new place, so i won't be able to dub tapes for about another week

now, for some new releases:

-- The "Apnee" 12'' by Valve is finally out. pictures and more info can be found here

-- the "Unreleased 2010 - 2014" CD by Robert Bekic will be out next week, more info here

-- "Welcom 2 Saigon Grillz " by Spaghetti Blacc will be out next week as well, have a listen here

-- some new, unannounced releases are currently being discussed, including a double-tape split and some more vinyl!

also, i'd like to send out a big sorry to everyone who's been waiting on a pack. moving took up almost 100% of my time last month. i should be back on schedule in about 1-2 weeks!

thanks for all your support, more infos soon!

Montag, 20. Juli 2015


hello friends, first of all: thank you very much to everyone who has ordered something in the past 2 weeks, it's highly appreciated!

i will be moving this weekend, so if there's a tape you'd like to get, please let me know BEFORE thursday morning (any orders for tapes after that will be made & posted next week).

now here's a complete list with prices from releases from this label:

FIV - NMBR 01: struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Tribe EP" Tape - 3€
FIV - NMBR 03: Abandonment Issues "Markers & Marxists" Tape - 3€
FIV - NMBR 04: Saturn Form Essence "Fall Into Void" Tape last copies 2€
FIV - NMBR 08: struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Spring" Tape - 3€
FIV - NMBR 09: Necrosadik "Katharsis" CD - 2€
FIV - NMBR 10: Necrosadik "Speak In Silence" CD - 2€
FIV - NMBR 11: Necrosadik "Assisted Suicide" CD - 2€
FIV - NMBR 15: struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Summer" Tape - 3€
FIV - NMBR 16: struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Fall" Tape - 3€
FIV - NMBR 17: Se Mustard Terrorists "Schönheiten des Lebens" 7'' - 3€
FIV - NMBR 21: struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Winter" Tape - 3€
FIV - NMBR 22: Hulduefni "Deep Darkness" Tape - 2€
FIV - NMBR 23: Hulduefni "The Alignment" Tape - 2€
FIV - NMBR 24: Hulduefni / '''v''' "Space Frequencies" Split Tape - 2€
FIV - NMBR 27: Hulduefni "Living On 8 Bits" Tape - 3€
FIV - NMBR 31: Alien Love Tape last copies 2€
FIV - NMBR 35: Beltane "Dark Couch" Floppy Disc last copies 1€
FIV - NMBR 41: Hulduefni "Dracula'S Curse" Floppy Disc last copies 1€
FIV - NMBR 44: Hulduefni "Deep Darkness Goes Wrong" CD - 2€
FIV - NMBR 45: Hulduefni "Living on 8 Bits Goes Wrong" CD - 2€
FIV - NMBR 47: Diarrhea Examiner / Wombraider / ExMx Split CD - 2€
FIV - NMBR 48: Herida Profunda "s/T" Tape last copies 2€
FIV - NMBR 49: 4-Way Gorenoise Split last copy 2€
FIV - NMBR 51: Cara Neir / Flesh Born Split 12'' 5€
FIV - NMBR 52: She Destroys Hope "Putrefaction" Floppy Disc last copy 1€
FIV - NMBR 53: Saturn Form Essence Floppy Disc last copies 1€
FIV - NMBR 56: Kromeshna "Grey Diptych" last copy 2€
FIV - NMBR 57: Southlakes / Ceiling Split CD last copies 2€
FIV - NMBR 58: She Destroys Hope / struggling beacons fading headlights. CD last copies 2€
FIV - NMBR 59: OHMU Tape 3€
FIV - NMBR 63: Josef Nadek "Bluatig Hart" Tape 4€
FIV - NMBR 65: Saturn Form Essence / struggling beacons, fading headlights. Tape last copy 2€
FIV - NMBR 68: Anti Social Behaviour Order "s/T" Tape last copies 2€


-- 3 mystery tapes: 9€
-- 5 mystery tapes: 12€
-- free release with orders over 20€
-- stickers & flyers free with every order

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015


moving to a new home very soon, so i need both the money and the space!
every release i sell i don't have to move (for which i'm very thankful), plus every cent is helping me at the moment!

if you have some spare money, please buy something, there will be cool flyers and stickers included, plus free bonus stuff for bigger orders (over 20€). literally every single order is helping me right now

thanks a lot for all of your support throughout the last years.
more updates coming soon!

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015

Moving sale coming soon!

dear supporters,

i will move in about 2 weeks, so i will post a little update on the huge sale in a few days!!

i highly encourage you to buy something, everything will be cheaper.
plus i need the money and i'm glad for every single release i don't have to move with me!
every order counts and is highly appreciated!!

thanks in advance for all your love!
stay tuned for more info coming very soon!

Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015


yes friends, things have been moving forward and i got new blank tapes yesterday, take a look at those beauties:

two new releases will be put on them:

FIV - NMBR 70: Spaghetti Blacc "Welcom 2 Saigon Grillz Vol. 2"
sonic avantgarde-ism, 20 red tapes, your ears probably can't handle it!
you can have a listen to it here

FIV - NMBR ??: Secret Release
more infos soon, 10 blue tapes!

Samstag, 23. Mai 2015


FIV - NMBR 68: Anti Social Behaviour Order "S/T" Tape

a new uk-based duo offers high-speed grindcore, stright to your face.
13 new tracks in 9 minutes - do i have to say anything else?

30 black tapes in white cases
3€ / trades are accepted
order / trade:

Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015


heyo friends,

new blank tapes are in!!
50 black c-60s with white cases, absolutely lovely!!

going to start on new releases next week, more updates will be posted here shortly!!

Mittwoch, 22. April 2015


people, with great joy i will bring you this new release:

the new split between SATURN FORM ESSENCE and struggling beacons, fading headlights.
15mins of deep and cold drones to wash over you and bring you depression.
one track by each project, limited to 15 handnumbered copies!

Attention: there are only a few left, be fast if you want to secure your copy!!

Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

Birthday Sale

yes my friends, today (april 16th) is my 22nd birthday!!

and to properly celebrate this, i'm going to have a birthday sale:


3 secret tapes - 9€
5 secret tapes - 13€
3 secret CDs - 8€
5 secret CDs - 12€
4 floppy disc pack - 3€
vinyl pack (SMT 7'' & Cara Neir / Flesh Born 12'') - 12€
random almost-sold-out release - 2€
distro pack (3 random picks) - 8€

please help me make space for upcoming vinyl!
thanks for all of your support in the past few years!!

Dienstag, 31. März 2015


thanks to everyone who's ordered something, i really appreciate every single one!

sale will end next monday (april 6th) so if you want to get some cheaper releases and free extras, this is your chance!

also, i will keep mystery packs in my regular catalogue:

random almost-sold out release - 2€
3 random tapes - 9€
5 random tapes - 12€
these will contain both FIVR Releases as well as extras from my distro. each pack will contain FIVR Releases!!

please help me raise money for upcoming releases (3 tapes, 1 CD and 1 7'') by buying something nice! you get a release and i get some money to put straight into new releases - everybody wins!

so long

Dienstag, 24. März 2015

New tape for April

heyo friends.i'm very happy to announce a new tape coming next month!


this new two-piece band from the UK is putting down some mad grindcore grooves.
around 9 minutes of absolute brutality!
30 tapes out next month

Montag, 16. März 2015


thanks a huge lot to everyone who has been ordering lately!
if you want to contribute and help me with an order, get in contact:
fallintovoidrecs @ gmail . com or on Facebook
here are some updates on the sale list:


Struggling Beacons, Fading Headlights. - Tribe EP (Tape): 3€
Abandonment Issues - Markers And Marxists (Tape): 2€
Saturn Form Essence - Fall Into Void (Tape) 3€

Boiling Point - Trouble Downstairs (Tape) 1€ LAST COPY
Progeria Buffet - Demo: 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Spring EP: 3€
Necrosadik - Katharsis CD: 1€
Necrosadik - Speak in Silence CD: 1€
Necrosadik - Assisted Suicide CD: 1€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Summer EP! Tape: 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Fall EP! Tape: 3€
Se Mustard Terrorists "Schönheiten des Lebens" 7'' 5€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Winter EP 3€
Hulduefni - Deep Darkness Tape 3€
Hulduefni - The Alignment: Tape 3€
Hulduefni / '''v''' - Space Frequencies Split: Tape 2€
Hulduefni - Living On 8 Bits Tape 3€
Oxycodone / Unserious - "Broken Memories" Split: Tape 3€ LAST COPIES
i AM esper - "The Arc of a Tree, and the Shape of a Cloud" CD: 3€ LAST COPIES
Alien Love Tape 2€ LAST COPIES
Svartvit / OHMU / struggling beacons, fading headlights Tour Split 3€ LAST CD
Unserious "Unkown Destination" Floppy Disc 1€
Beltane "Dark Couch" (Necrosadik on vocals) Floppy Disc 1€
i AM esper "Bright Blossoms": Floppy Disc 1€ LAST COPIES
struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Catalyst": Floppy Disc 1€ LAST COPIES
Hulduefni "Dracula's Curse" Floppy Disc 1€
Hulduefni "Deep Darkness Goes Wrong" CD 2€
Hulduefni "Living on 8-Bits Goes Wrong" CD 2€
4 Way Gorenoise Split CD 2€ LAST COPIES
Flesh Born / Cara Neir Split 12'' 8€
She Destroys Hope "Putrefaction" Floppy Disc 1€ LAST COPIES
Saturn Form Essence Floppy Disc 1€
Kromeshna "Grey Diptych" Tape 3€
Southlakes / Ceilings Split CD: 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. / She Destroys Hope Split 3€ LAST COPIES
OHMU Tape 3€
Josef Nadek "Bluatig Hart" Tape 4€

Yusuke/Lori Split 12'' (purple vinyl) 8€
Deadzibel / Valina / Kern / MC Snowburger 7'' 4€
Cara Neir/Flesh Born 12'' TEST PRESS!!!! (very rare) 11€

Fabio Civellaro "Comic Sans Terorist" 3€
Shitnoise Bastards / Cult of Pythagoras Split 2€
Mankurt - 1st Demo ///grind/// 2€
Violent Anal Violins "The Sweet Taste Of Burning Flesh" 2€
i AM esper "Glowing Valleys" ///dark ambient, drone 3€

OHMU "Hive Mind" Full Length 3€
Hulduefni / HD 283271 Split CD 3€
Hulduefni / Alien Love Split CD 3€
Hulduefni / DOM Split CD 3€
Hulduefni / Merankorii Split CD, AUTOGRAPHED by Hulduefni 3€
Hulduefni / Mental Cage Splti CD 3€
Progeria Buffet "Anthems for the Easily Offended" 8€
Astral & Shit / Kromeshna "Emyd Lub" Collaboration 3'' CD 5€
Soma "Kawai Cock San" 2€
Stelladrone / Cassiopeia / HD 283271 / Müldeponie / Thanatos 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Home" 3€
Paediatrician "Mutet" 2€
Boiling Point / Anal Cake Split 2€
Melanocytic Tumors Of Uncertain Malignant Potential / Anunnaki / Boiling Point "Toumors Form Other Worlds" Split 2€
Anaal Teratoma / Boiling Point / Neisseria Gonorrhoeae / Gutted Boots / Shit Fucking Shit 5 way split 2€

MYSTERY PACKS (including label-releases & distro)
random almost-sold-out release 2€
3 random tapes: 9€
5 random tapes: 12€

Donnerstag, 12. März 2015


people, as you know i need money for upcoming vinyl releases!
therefore we are going to have a little sale:

-- all tapes are -1€/-1$ off
-- all CDs are -1€/-1$ off
(making most of them available for 3€/3$)

-- Se Mustard Terrorists 7'' 5€/5$
-- Cara Neir /Flesh Born 12'' 8€/8$

i updated the distro with a few pics, take a look here
-- Progeria Buffet full length 8€/8$
-- every other distro item is 1€/1$ cheaper

-- free release (of my choice) for orders over 20€/20$
-- free release (of YOUR choice) for orders over 25€/25$ (excluding vinyl)

-- get a special, almost sold out release for 2€/2$ (will be chosen at random)
including releases by i AM esper, Hulduefni, She Destroys Hope, sbfh., Oxycodone and more


just send me an email to fallintovoidrecs (at) gmail (dot) com
i'll try to have it sent out as soon as i can!

every order is highly appreciated and helps a lot!
please spread the word if you can!!!

thanks a lot!

Montag, 9. März 2015


so people there's going to be a sale starting in the next few days!
every release is cheaper (except for floppy discs since they're only 1€/1$) so if you have the means please pick something up! every order is highly appreciated!
i will need lots of space for upcoming vinyl releases and i'll also need the money for said releases.

also a few words about recent releases:

some of you people have surely noticed that this label went through some changes in terms of genres released. in the past i've been highly focused on ambient / drone / noise but as of lately this has taken a different road. due to the fact that i'm focusing on vinyl this year there is more sludge / hardcore /grind to be put out now.
i still have LOTS of love for ambient / drone / noise ect. it's just been easier to put out other genres on vinyl. i have not forgotten about all the bands / artists / supporters in the past when i put out more stuff in that direction (you have made all of this possible in the first place).
during the next few months you can start to expect a bit more ambient like in the old days AS WELL AS some kick-ass vinyl!

Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Looking for Labels for a Split 7''

heyo friends,

as some of you might know, i will be co-releasing the upcoming SHITNOISE BASTARDS / DISLEKSICK split 7''.

we are still looking for a few labels to contribute (as of right now, we are around 5 labels from all over the world).

in case you are interested, message me: or on Facebook.

thanks in any way, and watch this space, as there will be a few new releases out VERY soon!!

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015


yes people, here it is!
the amazing debut full length by Valve. Coming from Paris, these guys play an intense mix of sludge, doom and hardcore.

the vinyl will be out in march, preorders will be up soon!!
you can also stream their album here, in case you can't wait for the vinyl!

these guys will be on tour throughout Europe soon, check the dates here.
go see them live if you have a chance!


Cara Neir / Flesh Born Split 12''
available now, sold out at most other labels (it was first released in the states)!!
single sided 12'' with beautiful artwork
10$ / 10€ - sorry for the higher price. we, the labels involved, agreed on this. plus it's a 12'' for 10 bucks with some insane music on it, so it's actually a pretty good deal.
you can have a listen here.

Indoctrinate "Aftermaths" 12''
heavy hardcore/crust from central europe.
these guys don't joke around
listen to it here. more news asap

Disleksick / Shitnoise Bastards Split 7''
if you don't know these bands you need to step up your DIY-game!
blasting crust/hardcore/violence/madness
you know what to expect
more news asap


Samstag, 14. Februar 2015


people, after a long wait, these are finally available from me:


20 copies from me, be fast if you want one. they sold out on the other labels very fast!
10$ / 10€
expect heavy, fast, screamy grind, no time for breakdowns!!


Samstag, 7. Februar 2015


yes, they are finally here! the first batch of releases for 2015:

FIV - NMBR 47: Diarrhoea Examiner / Wombraider / Extraterrestrial Masturbation Split CD

after long setbacks, this insanity of a split is finally available!!
15CDs, heavy paper covers and sounds that will make you regret your existence!
4€ / 4$

FIV - NMBR 62: Robert Bekic "Unreleased 2010 - 2014" CD

a compilation of rare, unreleased material by this amazing croatian artist.
sounds into deep ambient and avantgarde, beautiful artwork, heavy paper to make it shine!!
15 copies only
4€ / 4$

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

well it seems like i forgot about this page a bit again.

sorry about that but no worries: i will be back on schedule very soon.

i have all of my tests for college in jan. and i thought i was able to fit in one or two releases but it turns out studying takes up more time than i thought.
i have my last two tests today and tomorrow (jan. 30th), and in feb. i will finally have time to properly release the things i want to!!!

updates asap, as i have to go study right now!! nevertheless, thanks for all the support/trades/orders/submissions!!!

wish me luck!
love always
-yours truly

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015


in the past few weeks i had to turn down several submissions for releases here, so i'd like to write a few words about this:

thank you each- and everyone of you who sent me something. i am very thankful that you consider working with me! without submissions i probably would have never gotten to know some amazing projects that i was able to work with in the past (and that i'm working with now).

but for 2015 i'd like to step it down in terms of quantity. i will (probably) only put out a small(-er) number of releases this year, focusing more on vinyl and colored tapes. i'll be putting more consideration into releases and i'd like to step it up in terms of quality.
this does NOT apply for the "summer floppy disc series", which will be absolute MAYHEM again (if you have some crazy stuff please send it my way in summer!!!)

thank you once again to everyone who has sent me stuff, i tried to answer all of you as fast as i can.
if you have any open questions please contact me through my email ,
same goes for orders and trades and if i forgot to answer you.

sorry about any delays, stuff for college kept me busy most of the last week.
new releases out this week, some of which were announced of planned last year.
get psyched!!!

Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

first release of 2015

hello friends,

i hope you all had a good start into 2015. i sure did!

i'm very happy and excited to tell you about the first release of 2015 on this label:

FIV - NMBR 65: Saturn Form Essence / sbfh. Split Tape

15 minutes total playtime, 15 copies on tape.
super deep and depressing drone / ambient from both bands.
3€ / 3$
trades are cool as well!

as usual: thanks for all your support!!
take care