Dienstag, 31. März 2015


thanks to everyone who's ordered something, i really appreciate every single one!

sale will end next monday (april 6th) so if you want to get some cheaper releases and free extras, this is your chance!

also, i will keep mystery packs in my regular catalogue:

random almost-sold out release - 2€
3 random tapes - 9€
5 random tapes - 12€
these will contain both FIVR Releases as well as extras from my distro. each pack will contain FIVR Releases!!

please help me raise money for upcoming releases (3 tapes, 1 CD and 1 7'') by buying something nice! you get a release and i get some money to put straight into new releases - everybody wins!

so long

Dienstag, 24. März 2015

New tape for April

heyo friends.i'm very happy to announce a new tape coming next month!


this new two-piece band from the UK is putting down some mad grindcore grooves.
around 9 minutes of absolute brutality!
30 tapes out next month

Montag, 16. März 2015


thanks a huge lot to everyone who has been ordering lately!
if you want to contribute and help me with an order, get in contact:
fallintovoidrecs @ gmail . com or on Facebook
here are some updates on the sale list:


Struggling Beacons, Fading Headlights. - Tribe EP (Tape): 3€
Abandonment Issues - Markers And Marxists (Tape): 2€
Saturn Form Essence - Fall Into Void (Tape) 3€

Boiling Point - Trouble Downstairs (Tape) 1€ LAST COPY
Progeria Buffet - Demo: 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Spring EP: 3€
Necrosadik - Katharsis CD: 1€
Necrosadik - Speak in Silence CD: 1€
Necrosadik - Assisted Suicide CD: 1€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Summer EP! Tape: 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Fall EP! Tape: 3€
Se Mustard Terrorists "Schönheiten des Lebens" 7'' 5€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. - Winter EP 3€
Hulduefni - Deep Darkness Tape 3€
Hulduefni - The Alignment: Tape 3€
Hulduefni / '''v''' - Space Frequencies Split: Tape 2€
Hulduefni - Living On 8 Bits Tape 3€
Oxycodone / Unserious - "Broken Memories" Split: Tape 3€ LAST COPIES
i AM esper - "The Arc of a Tree, and the Shape of a Cloud" CD: 3€ LAST COPIES
Alien Love Tape 2€ LAST COPIES
Svartvit / OHMU / struggling beacons, fading headlights Tour Split 3€ LAST CD
Unserious "Unkown Destination" Floppy Disc 1€
Beltane "Dark Couch" (Necrosadik on vocals) Floppy Disc 1€
i AM esper "Bright Blossoms": Floppy Disc 1€ LAST COPIES
struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Catalyst": Floppy Disc 1€ LAST COPIES
Hulduefni "Dracula's Curse" Floppy Disc 1€
Hulduefni "Deep Darkness Goes Wrong" CD 2€
Hulduefni "Living on 8-Bits Goes Wrong" CD 2€
4 Way Gorenoise Split CD 2€ LAST COPIES
Flesh Born / Cara Neir Split 12'' 8€
She Destroys Hope "Putrefaction" Floppy Disc 1€ LAST COPIES
Saturn Form Essence Floppy Disc 1€
Kromeshna "Grey Diptych" Tape 3€
Southlakes / Ceilings Split CD: 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. / She Destroys Hope Split 3€ LAST COPIES
OHMU Tape 3€
Josef Nadek "Bluatig Hart" Tape 4€

Yusuke/Lori Split 12'' (purple vinyl) 8€
Deadzibel / Valina / Kern / MC Snowburger 7'' 4€
Cara Neir/Flesh Born 12'' TEST PRESS!!!! (very rare) 11€

Fabio Civellaro "Comic Sans Terorist" 3€
Shitnoise Bastards / Cult of Pythagoras Split 2€
Mankurt - 1st Demo ///grind/// 2€
Violent Anal Violins "The Sweet Taste Of Burning Flesh" 2€
i AM esper "Glowing Valleys" ///dark ambient, drone 3€

OHMU "Hive Mind" Full Length 3€
Hulduefni / HD 283271 Split CD 3€
Hulduefni / Alien Love Split CD 3€
Hulduefni / DOM Split CD 3€
Hulduefni / Merankorii Split CD, AUTOGRAPHED by Hulduefni 3€
Hulduefni / Mental Cage Splti CD 3€
Progeria Buffet "Anthems for the Easily Offended" 8€
Astral & Shit / Kromeshna "Emyd Lub" Collaboration 3'' CD 5€
Soma "Kawai Cock San" 2€
Stelladrone / Cassiopeia / HD 283271 / Müldeponie / Thanatos 3€
struggling beacons, fading headlights. "Home" 3€
Paediatrician "Mutet" 2€
Boiling Point / Anal Cake Split 2€
Melanocytic Tumors Of Uncertain Malignant Potential / Anunnaki / Boiling Point "Toumors Form Other Worlds" Split 2€
Anaal Teratoma / Boiling Point / Neisseria Gonorrhoeae / Gutted Boots / Shit Fucking Shit 5 way split 2€

MYSTERY PACKS (including label-releases & distro)
random almost-sold-out release 2€
3 random tapes: 9€
5 random tapes: 12€

Donnerstag, 12. März 2015


people, as you know i need money for upcoming vinyl releases!
therefore we are going to have a little sale:

-- all tapes are -1€/-1$ off
-- all CDs are -1€/-1$ off
(making most of them available for 3€/3$)

-- Se Mustard Terrorists 7'' 5€/5$
-- Cara Neir /Flesh Born 12'' 8€/8$

i updated the distro with a few pics, take a look here
-- Progeria Buffet full length 8€/8$
-- every other distro item is 1€/1$ cheaper

-- free release (of my choice) for orders over 20€/20$
-- free release (of YOUR choice) for orders over 25€/25$ (excluding vinyl)

-- get a special, almost sold out release for 2€/2$ (will be chosen at random)
including releases by i AM esper, Hulduefni, She Destroys Hope, sbfh., Oxycodone and more


just send me an email to fallintovoidrecs (at) gmail (dot) com
i'll try to have it sent out as soon as i can!

every order is highly appreciated and helps a lot!
please spread the word if you can!!!

thanks a lot!

Montag, 9. März 2015


so people there's going to be a sale starting in the next few days!
every release is cheaper (except for floppy discs since they're only 1€/1$) so if you have the means please pick something up! every order is highly appreciated!
i will need lots of space for upcoming vinyl releases and i'll also need the money for said releases.

also a few words about recent releases:

some of you people have surely noticed that this label went through some changes in terms of genres released. in the past i've been highly focused on ambient / drone / noise but as of lately this has taken a different road. due to the fact that i'm focusing on vinyl this year there is more sludge / hardcore /grind to be put out now.
i still have LOTS of love for ambient / drone / noise ect. it's just been easier to put out other genres on vinyl. i have not forgotten about all the bands / artists / supporters in the past when i put out more stuff in that direction (you have made all of this possible in the first place).
during the next few months you can start to expect a bit more ambient like in the old days AS WELL AS some kick-ass vinyl!