Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016



yes friends, after some delays and busy times i'm finally back and you can get the first batch of new releases:

mind-numbing grindcore from two insane guys, straight from the ukraine. this has written DIY all over it!!! 18mins of insanely fun material, don't miss it! 10 copies / 2€

-- FIV - NMBR 77: Sound_00 & Lefterna "Collabo 9" 3'' CD-R
their collaborative works have been released by some amazing labels and now it is time for me to join this club!! darkest field recordings coming from eastern europe, try to collect all their collabo-releases, start with this one! 10 copies / 2€

-- FIV - NMBR 78: N0123NOISE "We Are All Hopeless" 3'' CD-R
after releasing a sold out tape on here, zach (one of the best guys in the DIY-scene) is back with this VERY depressing, 18-minute long journey. only one track, try to listen to it whole and try not to kill yourself during. 10 copies / 2€

(top to bottom)

ATTENTION: due to preorders i'm already down to the last copies of all of them! be fast if you want a copy, you know i'm not a fan of re-presses/re-releases!

ALSO: after so many years you can finally show your support for this label by not only shoving your collection down other peoples' throats, but also through your clothing!

patches will be included in orders & trades! only as long as supplies last!!

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016


+++ NEWS +++

sorry for being incredibly slow on updates, college work has kept me busy for the past few weeks, but now there're some news for you:

-- my CD drive broke, which is why i had to push the first batch of 3'' CD-R releases back a little bit. i will get a new CD drive this weekend and covers will be printed sometime next week. just to re-cap what will be available here very soon:

FIV - NMBR 76: Bulerator 3'' CD-R //diy-grindcore from the ukraine//
FIV - NMBR 77: Sound_00 + Lefterna 3'' CD-R //dark ambient, field recordings//
FIV - NMBR 78: N0123Noise "We Are All Hopeless" 3'' CD-R //dark ambient//

these will hopefully be out by the end of the month, more new releases are coming soon. first tape release of this year is also confirmed, but will remain a secret for now. watch out for more updates on this one soon!!

+++ PATCHES +++

yes, you've read this one right! after years of running this label, there will finally be patches available soon. they are for free with every order & trade (if you just want the patch you can also send me 1€ plus a few bucks for shipping). i should have them very soon, more updates on these soon, they should arrive in the next few weeks!!

thank you for your patience! more updates very soon!!!