Samstag, 27. September 2014

!!!cassette store day!!!

heyo fans, friends, supporters, guys, girls:

today (sept. 27th) seems to be INTERNATIONAL CASSETTE STORE DAY

that's why for the next 24hrs all my tapes (released or distro) will be sold for 1€/1$ (shipping not included, you may need an extra few bucks).

you can see the list here (not quite up to date) or on Facebook (i seem to update my page a bit more often). the distro can be found here.

if you want something, message me on or on my facebook page!
let's go people!!!

Also i finally made some STICKERS!!!

I'll give some to label friends but all remaining ones will go into orders/trades

sorry for the bad quality though.

Freitag, 12. September 2014

New Merch

so, after almost 3 years of working on this label there will be some small merch in the near future:


!!!Stickers!!! - 1st batch coming soon, super limited, i'll print some more soon but for now there'll only be around 10, they are free with every order/trade until i'm all out. Pictures soon.

!!!Patches!!! - pretty much the same as above, a very limited run (around 20), they are 1€/1$.

!!!Shirts!!! - i've been thinking about printing shirts for some time now but never found a good place. if you know anybody who can print some shirts cheaply, let me know.


FIV - NMBR 52: She Destroys Hope "Putrefaction" Floppy Disc. one harsh noise track on a very limited floppy disc, 10 copies, 1€/2$

FIV - NMBR 56: Kromeshna "Grey Diptych" Tape. ambient/noise and field recordings from deep siberia. b/w artwork, 15 tapes, no represses