Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

New Upcoming Releases

hey friends,

it's been a long time since the last update, sorry about that. i have been very busy with college so there was hardly any time to work on releases, but this is about to change in february.

new releases coming this month:

FIV - NMBR 22: Hulduefni - Deep Darkness. incredible ambient from portugal. Tape ltd. to 15 copies

FIV - NMBR 23: Hulduefni - The Alignment. see above, great band, def. worth to be checked out. Tape ltd. to 15 copies

FIV - NMBR 24: Hulduefni / '''V''' - Space Frequencies Split Tape. 2 great bands on one tape. ltd to 15 copies

some more upcoming releases are being worked on as well, updates + covers should follow soon.

thanks a lot for your patience + for making my dream come true with your support.

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