Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

VINYL + more news

heyo people, let's get this out into the world:

i've been a bit lazy with releasing lately. to be honest i got a bit caught up on college-life, so here's a little update for y'all:

Hulduefni - 2 CDs out soon, crazy artwork, crazy music
Herida Profunda - s/t Tape out soon as well, finishing up the last copies to send out to the guys
Wombraider / Diarrhea Examiner / Extraterrestrial Masturbation - jesus christ i've been working on this forever, the printed covers were fucked up twice by the copy shop, trying it again now!!


something big is happening, something beautiful is happening and it's been hard keeping this a secret:

Flesh Born / Cara Neir Split 12''

some great labels teamed up to bring this to life and i had the chance to be a part of it!
you can listen to it here. they are not out YET but once they're ready, be prepared to love it!

i'm also joining in a tape release for OHMU, with which i've toured briefly last year. craziness ensured on this one.

keep your eyes peeled and your wallets ready, it's going to be a crazy winter!!!

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