Montag, 9. März 2015


so people there's going to be a sale starting in the next few days!
every release is cheaper (except for floppy discs since they're only 1€/1$) so if you have the means please pick something up! every order is highly appreciated!
i will need lots of space for upcoming vinyl releases and i'll also need the money for said releases.

also a few words about recent releases:

some of you people have surely noticed that this label went through some changes in terms of genres released. in the past i've been highly focused on ambient / drone / noise but as of lately this has taken a different road. due to the fact that i'm focusing on vinyl this year there is more sludge / hardcore /grind to be put out now.
i still have LOTS of love for ambient / drone / noise ect. it's just been easier to put out other genres on vinyl. i have not forgotten about all the bands / artists / supporters in the past when i put out more stuff in that direction (you have made all of this possible in the first place).
during the next few months you can start to expect a bit more ambient like in the old days AS WELL AS some kick-ass vinyl!

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