Freitag, 25. März 2016

+++ NEXT 3'' CD-R RELEASE +++


time to party with some new announcement:

FIV - NMBR 81: Vitaly Maklakov "Loops, Pulsation and Drone"

Vitaly Maklakov is the siberian mastermind behind several projects (obozdur and kromeshna to name two) and is simultaneously running three amazing labels (OSTROGA, torga-amun, heart shaped box prod). for this release he exclusively recorded this track and it will bring you to your knees: 21mins of layered, pulsating and crushing ritual noise! don't pass on it, his material is amazing (you might know it from the KROMESHNA tape i did a few years ago).

like all other 3'' cd-r releases on this label, it is limited to only 10 copies. if you want a copy, i urge you to be fast and shoot me a mail at to get it! 2€ + shipping and this beauty is yours!

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