Montag, 25. Juli 2016


heat wave has been crushing me so far, no reason to slow down.
here's what to expect

# 81: Phyllomedusa Tape (Green)
sludge/gorenoise/HNW. a slimy offering to the gods of the amphibian hive! unleashed in late summer

#84: EMERGE / Nym & Don Vomp Live Split Tape (White)
field recordings & dark ambient, live cuts from their latest tour. EARLY AUGUST

#85: ruiner. "Simpsons In Heck" 3'' CD-R
harshest noise with a strange theme, something to get into! late summer. SOLD OUT FROM MY SIDE DUE TO PRE-ORDERS!!

#86: See Through Buildings C100 (Yellow)
two massive walls, straight from the californian god of noise! EARLY AUGUST

#87: Naturopathy "Cloud Pillars" C60 (Black)
analogue tape recordings and sound processing from siberia. EARLY AUGUST

#88: Agamenon Project C10 / C20 (Pink)
brazlian one-man grindcore. first 10 copies feature extra unreleased tracks on the b-side. late summer

#89: Maläd "99 Track EP" (Red)
ukranian noisecore, 99 tracks in 9mins, no fooling around on this one. LATE JULY/EARLY AUGUST

#90: She Destroys Hope "Toilet Room Sessions" Tape (White)
cut-up radio harsh noise on side a, ANW/HNW on side b, one of germany's finest! ALREADY RELEASED! 4€ + shipping, listen & download on bandcamp.

#91: 558701 Floppy Disc
cybergorenoise project making it's debut on here, lo-fi as fuck while still heavy LATE JULY

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