Samstag, 23. September 2017


Fall Into Void Recs 117
Uitgeschakeld "Verlies" C40
finest static and HNW immersion from the netherlands
double-sided covers on high quality paper
2 absolutely beautiful walls loaded onto yellow tapes
limited to 25 copies
4€ + shipping
also available through bandcamp & discogs 

and without further ado, i'm happy to announce these upcoming releases:

#113: LIMBS BIN / Bruising Pattern Split C10
finest noisecore vs glitch harsh noise
40 copies (yellow tapes)

#115: Lipcreem C40
south africa's harshest export in maddening noise
30 copies (pink tapes)

#118: House Mother "The Old School" C40
heavy experimentation in the field of harsh noise
25 copies (transparent tapes)

#119: Rape-X "Live @KCNF 3" C12
abrasive power electronics from this notoriously brutal project
30 copies (brown tapes)

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