Freitag, 11. Mai 2018

+++ BIG UPDATE +++

long time no news, right? well actually there have been several new releases out in the past few months but i must confess that i've been neglecting this page heavily. here's what's new and still available, check the links at the end of the post for other platforms that i'm more active on! now without further ado, let's kick this off:

#123: Mademoiselle Bistouri - The No Performance C30
melancholic and beautiful harsh noise from italy
limited to 30 copies on black tapes
4€ + shipping
also available through bandcamp & discogs

#124: Venta Protesix - Her Keayboard Drowned In Tears C10
cut up and glitched harsh noise obscenities
50 copies on pink shells
4€ + shipping
also available through bandcamp & discogs

#125: Fall Into Dry Lungs - Ritualistic Practices 3'' CD-R
pedal abusing harsh noise from austria
limited to 33 copies
also available through bandcamp & discogs

#127: Монофактура - поверхности 2xC30
structured wallcraft from the ural region of russia
limited to 25 copies on transparent blue tapes
9€ + shipping
also available through bandcamp & discogs

#132: Shurayuki-Hime - Kitsunetsuki C40
masterful HNW from the UK
limited to 18 copies on smoke-clear tapes
SOLD OUT (re-press coming summer 2018)
also available through bandcamp & discogs

if you wish to stay in the loop with all label activities please follow the links below for more regular updates and info on upcoming things:

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