Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013


so i have been very busy in the last few weeks and i won't be having time to update this page until early july, since i have my finals in 2 weeks.

nevertheless i toured with my project struggling beacons, fading headlights. for a few shows in austria along with Svartvit and OHMU. there are some tour-split CDs and Tapes left, covers will be uploaded soon (i keep saying that, sorry for never doing so. as i said, spare time's been rare). if you want a copy send me an email to fallintovoidrecs@gmail.com

everything will be back up and updated more often in july, i sometimes update my facebook so check back there every once in a while.

thanks a lot guys, i have some GREAT new releases i can't wait to put out in july (hint: some new i AM esper and a new Alien Love split).

take care

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