Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Tour Splits

so finally i'll be posting some covers.

first here are the covers of the CD and Tape version of the tour split:

---CD (3€)---

---TAPE (4€)---

i have some copies left if you want one send me an email to
trades are up as well, but please ask me first.

here's the long promised cover of the ALIEN LOVE / NOLDOR split tape i released last month.
some great ambient sounds can be found on this one.

the price for 1 copy is 4€ as well, but be fast there are only a few left!!!


since it's on vinyl it's a bit more expensive (7€) but it's worth it. this young 2-piece band unleashes a great mix between rock/noise/alternative. highly limited i only have 20 copies!!!


new releases will be worked on in july, until then have a nice time + thanks for always supporting me!

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