Montag, 15. Dezember 2014


hello dear supporters,

i sometimes forget posting on this page. i'm sorry about that, i'll try to work on that. Facebook is being updated more regularly, so check in there from time to time.

Last few news for 2014:

there's going to be a new Tape out tomorrow. i'll keep it a secret until then, i hope that i'll be able to post pics about it.

another tape will be out in the next few days, also a secret. watch this space for updates!

the christmas-sale will continue until december 25th. 1$/1€ off of every release (except floppy discs, since they already are at 1$/1€)

Now about 2015:

i already have about 10 releases planned for 2015 and there'll probably be just a small batch of 1-3 releases.


i'm also just getting through some old messages. it looks like i forgot to answer a few. i'm very sorry about all that. please consider that this label is a one-man project run out of my bedroom. i'm trying to find time for this label between college, work and personal life. if sometimes things take longer, i'm very sorry about it. i'm not trying to be rude, sometimes things just fall through the cracks.

so if there's a message i never answered or any other question(s) left open, please don't hesitate to contact me. seriously, i'm a nice dude and i need your support (and money).

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