Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

things for 2015

so with the current year in its final hours, it's time to look back one more time:

i'd like to send out a big "thank you" to everyone who supported me throughout another crazy year. my personal life took an interesting (yet, very nice) turn in spring, so i've been a bit lazy with this label. nevertheless, expect me to go back to full (releasing-)power next year.

thank you for buying a release, trading, chatting or just getting in contact in general.
without all of your help, this label would not be able to survive. although it is a one-man project, it has started to involve so many more people over the time.

now, let's talk about next year!
i have some very interesting stuff planned out, here's a little look on what to expect:

-- online store
-- paypal account
-- more vinyl
-- more colored tapes
-- first run of recycled tapes
-- first double-tape release
-- another "summer floppy disc series"
-- lots of fun & love

thank you very much for sticking with me for another year!
take care and all the best for 2015.
see you next year

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