Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

Halloween Tapes

yeah people, OCT. 31st is only a few days away, so here are the tapes that will be released on said date! i can hardly wait, hope you're excited as well:

FIV - NMBR 72: See Through Buildings "The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place"

you know what to expect. harsh noise, 60mins of it! characterized by his insane output and even crazier sounds, this new project's first release on this label is a big one! 2 tracks, 30mins each, you think you can handle it? give it a try, but be fast, as there will only be 20 tapes!

FIV - NMBR 74: N0123NOISE "Wrothless"

a short release from this one-man project from Texas, N0123NOISE takes us to dark places inside ourselves, depressing drones. this guy can bend genres like very few can, reaching from ear-piercing harsh noise, over ambient all the way to drone wall! 10 copies on blue c-10 tapes in yellow cases!

take a look at those beauties!!!

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