Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015


yeah people, we have all been waiting for this day for weeks and now it's finally here.
i have already mentioned it in some posts but today is the day that two new tapes will be released and two great projects will make their debut on this label:

FIV - NMBR 72: See Through Buildings "The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place"

this new and coming project has been characterized by both insane sounds and a crazy number of high quality releases in a short time.

on here you can find his debut on this label! 60mins of pure, ear-drum shattering harsh noise. if you are looking for nice melodies or pleasant sounds then this is not the release for you. 20 black tapes in white cases, full color artwork on heavy paper. 4€ / trades are cool too

FIV - NMBR 74: N0123NOISE "Wrothless"

this project is only one of the few outputs of this mastermind from texas. also known for running the very great and very dead No Lights Tonight Records.

expect two short but deep drone tracks, mixed with corrupted samples to bring you into a depressive state of mind and body. limited to only 10 blue tapes in yellow cases.

as usual, you can order or trade a copy by emailing me: fallintovoidrecs (at) gmail (dot) com


-- new vinyl tomorrow (we have all been waiting for this one!!)

-- new tape announcement tomorrow
-- more packs to be flooded with stickers and flyers
-- HNW christmas tapes for people who hate secret santa

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