Sonntag, 1. November 2015


i hope halloween wasn't too spooky for all of you.
i dressed up as me staying at home and dubbing tapes - good times!

now for that promised tape announcement:

FIV - NMBR 75: Kearne "Of Pain And Pleasure" Tape

wow, release #75 already, time flies. now to celebrate there's going to be copies of this soon. 40mins split into two extremely dark and depressive drone tracks. second full length of this one man project from detroit. apart from being a wonderfully nice human being, he can also bring distorted, chaotic sounds to life to haut you and your speakers until eternity.

30 smoke-clear tapes in transparent cases, out late nov / early dec. the more you buy from me the faster i will be able to put this beast of a tape to life.

good day & welcome to november

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